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Why Six-Month Appointments for Your Child are Important

June 20, 2014
Posted By: Dr. Richard Facko
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Children's Dentistry in Palos Heights 

Our goal with today's blog post is to address two more common concerns of parents regarding bringing their children to the dentist regularly.  With summer in full force, you may be thinking that it's just too busy of a time to bring your child to the dentist.  Feel confident knowing that Palos Pediatric Dentistry offers evening and weekend dental appointments to accommodate your busy schedule.  We also offer family block appointments - bring multiple children in at the same time to reduce the time driving back-and-forth to our office.

The Importance of Six-Month Check-Ups for Your Child

Making appointments regularly for your child's six-month check-up is a two-hour-per-year investment.  But the savings is dramatic if we are able to help work with you and your child to prevent cavities and dental treatment in the future.  At each check-up, we will review your child's brushing and provide tips to improve home hygiene.  We will also review your child's dietary habits and give feedback to help keep your child's teeth and body healthy.  A cleaning and fluoride treatment will help keep your child's mouth in top shape, and x-rays help to detect early signs of cavities before they become more complicated to treat.  By being pro-active you can save time in the long run, and keep your child away from more invasive dental treatment.
If your son or daughter has never complained of any dental problems, it's easy to set their check-up aside, and before you know it a year or two has passed without a dental exam and cleaning.  No worries - it's never too late!  But irregular visits for any reason can only make your child's dental experience worse.  If your child only sees a dentist when something is wrong, imagine how he feels driving to the dentist.  Every time he goes there's drilling and filling, and not many positive experiences. With regular check-ups, your child will have a foundation of positive visits that helps prepare him for the unexpected.

Contact Us

Need an evening or weekend appointment to fit your child's check-up into your busy schedule?  Or do you need to get back on-track with regular visits?  Call our Palos Heights pediatric dental office today!  We'd love to see you and your child and help keep your children's oral health a top priority!

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