Behavior Guidance in Palos Heights

Some children have a fear of dentists and dental procedures. Who can blame them? The dental office has sights and sounds that are completely unfamiliar. At our office, Palos Heights pediatric dentist Dr. Richard Facko makes your child’s positive dental experience a top priority.

At our Palos Heights pediatric dental office, we strive to create a comfortable atmosphere so your child views dental treatment as a normal part of health care and not something to be feared. Our advanced behavior guidance methods can determine your child’s relationship with dentistry for a lifetime. The goal of behavior guidance is to provide necessary dentistry to your child while avoiding unnecessary anxiety and stress.

A Customized First Visit

From the very beginning, we will tailor your child’s dentistry to their unique needs. We will gauge the level of comfort your child has in our office and, depending on their cooperation, proceed when possible. We start slowly by showing them around the office and familiarizing them with our team as well as the dental environment.

Tell-Show-Do Method

We prepare your child for their first time dental treatment by utilizing the Tell-Show-Do method of behavior guidance. We start with a verbal explanation of treatment tailored to your child’s communication level.

Next, we transition to showing your child what to expect by demonstrating the experience using the five senses. We allow them to hear the equipment working, such as suction and hand pieces. We allow them to handle the equipment as safe and appropriate. This is accomplished carefully in a non-threatening way.

Once your child has been familiarized with the procedure, how it will go, and what will be used, we proceed with the treatment in a gentle and compassionate manner.

Modeling Method

If your young child has an older sibling that is comfortable with dental work, the modeling method can be valuable. We allow a younger sibling to observe their big brother or sister receiving boy on father's shoulders | Pediatric Dentistry in Palos Heights IL | Dr Richard Fackotreatment. This method allows your young child to know exactly what to expect when it is their turn and can help eliminate some of the fear of the unknown.

Distraction Method

Because children typically have short attention spans, we use the distraction method to help them be still and focused while their treatment is completed. Dr. Facko provides televisions in his treatment area to allow children to be entertained during procedures.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) inhalation is a safe and effective method for calming an anxious child. Not only does it dull any uncomfortable sensations and create a feeling of mild euphoria, but it also increases the effectiveness of local anesthetic. By relaxing your child, nitrous oxide can assist in reducing the gag reflex and allowing your child’s treatment to be completed in a more timely and effective manner. Nitrous oxide also wears off quickly, allowing your child to return to normal activity immediately.

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Your child’s dental health experience depends on a great foundation. Call our Palos Heights pediatric dental office to schedule a visit. Dr. Facko and his highly skilled team look forward to creating a positive experience for you and your little one.