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dental light | palos heights il dentistWhenever possible, we source our dental materials and supplies from US-based manufacturers, preferably as close to Illinois as possible.  Buying locally helps provide jobs for hard-working Americans, including jobs in manufacturing, sales, management, and logistics.  Another benefit of products manufactured in the United States is quality control – we firmly believe that quality is our top priority, and we can’t provide the highest quality treatment without the highest quality materials.  When able, we source our products from smaller, privately-owned companies, rather than large, public companies.  Rather than squeezing out profits to please shareholders, these companies are able to focus on delivering quality products designed to help dentists do what they do best.  While many US-manufactured products cost a little more, we believe that the benefits far outweigh the added expense.


Some of our US-based manufacturers include:

Tess Oral Health

Who would've guessed that it would be hard to find a toothbrush made in the US?  Tess Oral Health manufactures oral healthcare products in Eau Claire, WI.  They are one of the few companies that manufacture toothbrushes here in the US.  All of the toothbrushes that we use in the office, and that we distribute throughout the community, are made by Tess Oral Health in Wisconsin.  We’re particularly sensitive about contaminants that might be introduced in the manufacturing process – particularly in products we use for our own children.  Buying American-made toothbrushes helps to ease that worry.  Tess Oral Health uses toothbrush bristles made by DuPontUSA.  A video about the manufacturing process can be found at

Apex Dental Materials

Apex Dental Materials supplies the majority of our restorative materials, including adhesives and filling materials.  Located in Lake Zurich, IL, Apex is a privately and locally owned company.  As a result, they don’t have quotas to meet for shareholders – being independent allows them to meet the needs of dentists first.  Another unique quality exclusive to small companies is that we are able to call and speak with the people who developed their materials at any time, instead of having to sort through layers of salespeople and bureaucrats.  They’re always available to provide tips about their products so that we can provide you with the highest level of care.

EZ Pedo

The founders of EZ Pedo are a dentist and an anesthesiologist.  The story of their company is as American as apple pie – one of their children had fallen and broke a baby tooth, and at the time there was no esthetic alternative to fix the tooth.  These two entrepreneurs set out to create a pre-fabricated ceramic crown for primary teeth.  The end result of years of research and development is a zirconia-based crown manufactured in the USA using the highest quality zirconia available from Germany.  As with many of the other companies we work with, they are small and privately owned.  We have been able to meet with the doctors who developed the crown in order to perfect the skill required to work with these esthetic crowns.  The results are simply amazing!

Elevate Oral Care

Elevate Oral Care is a small business that manufactures silver diamine fluoride and fluoride varnish in the United States.  Their silver diamine fluoride, called Advantage Arrest, has single handedly revolutionized our practice of pediatric dentistry.  It is a safe, minimally invasive alternative to traditional restorative dentistry, particularly helpful for very young or anxious children, or for teeth that are nearing exfoliation.  Their fluoride varnish contains half the fluoride concentration of the other manufacturers, yet the uptake of fluoride into the teeth is higher.  This helps to reduce your child’s systemic intake of fluoride, while maximizing the benefit to the teeth.  Elevate Oral Care is owned and operated by some very innovative thinkers who have formerly worked for some of the bigger, publicly held companies.


Our stainless steel crowns are Made in the USA by 3M ESPE.  There are many less expensive options out there, most of them made overseas.  When it comes to cementing a crown into a child’s mouth, we feel that stainless steel that is Made in America is the safest option and least likely to contain metal contaminants that may be harmful to our kids.  The cement that we use for these crowns is also Made in the USA by 3M ESPE.

A&R Screening

When it comes time for screen printed promotional items, we rely on the great people at A&R Screening.  John Laroy is a lifelong friend of Dr. Facko, and John shares a passion for working hard to make you look good!  Seeing Palos Pediatric Dentistry t-shirts around town?  Those are provided by A&R Screening!

European Sources

When a product isn’t available that is Made in the USA, we make every effort to purchase materials made in Europe.  We avoid products made in China whenever possible.

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