Preventive Services in Palos Heights

Proper preventive treatment now can build the foundation for your child’s future dental health. At Palos Pediatric Dentistry, we can provide you with information and tools to protect your child’s health, save you money, and prevent future dental hassles.

With our prevention-based techniques, we focus on the preservation of your child’s teeth and gum health. Dr. Facko is skilled in identifying problems in their early stages, making treatment more affordable, and helping your child take a proactive role in his or her dental care.

Our dental office team knows how to communicate with kids. We help them understand how dental procedures will go and calm them so they will be relaxed and cooperative. We love working with children and their parents to support overall health and wellness, and we like to partner with parents to help instill good oral care habits in children at home, too.

If you would like to schedule an exam for your child, or if you have any questions about preventive dentistry in Palos Heights, IL, contact our child-friendly team today at (708) 263-6708.

We also invite you to read through the questions below. These are the questions we hear most frequently from parents just like you.

At what age should my child first see the dentist?

At Palos Pediatric Dentistry, we begin seeing kids around their first birthday. By getting started early, we can follow your child's dental health right from the beginning and help instill good habits from the first visit. 

Dental visits for infants can also help them to become accustomed to the sights, sounds, and smells of the dental office. Our team works hard to make dental instruments and the chair fun for kids. We understand that “fun” is what kids are looking for, and it helps them want to visit the dentist.

Dr. Facko is a friend to children, and our young patients enjoy visiting him and showing off their smiles. Regular dental cleanings and exams in Palos Heights, IL also allow Dr. Facko to detect any dental problems that arise. He strives to identify conditions as soon as possible because early detection minimizes treatment. Minimizing treatment means fewer visits for your child and less money spent by you.

What is the difference between preventive and general dentistry in Palos Heights?

Preventive dentistry represents the steps taken to help your child have healthy teeth for life. These steps include in-home and in-office care.

Preventive dentistry best practices include:

  • Brushing at least twice per day
  • Flossing at least twice per day
  • Avoiding acidic and sugary snacks and beverages
  • Visiting our Palos Heights, IL dental office twice per year for exams
  • Allowing professional teeth cleanings every six months
  • Periodic x-rays to make sure your child has no underlying oral health issues

General dentistry, on the other hand, has to do with maintenance and may include dental fillings or specific treatments to remedy a dental problem discovered during a preventive exam.

How do you make children feel relaxed during preventive dentistry exams and cleanings?

Our team works with children daily, and they understand how to communicate with kids to put them at ease. We familiarize children with our instruments and work hard to concentrate on the fun aspects of children’s dentistry in Palos Heights, IL. This includes a ride in the dental chair and other incentives.

We are a patient team and always try to instill trust in the children we treat. We also make children feel like this is “their place”—DVDs in our treatment rooms, a kid-friendly environment with a play area, and a team who greets every child with a smile.

What is a fluoride treatment?

People of all ages get cavities, but children may be especially prone. Fluoride helps strengthen teeth to stand up to cavity-causing bacteria.

Fluoride can be beneficial in the prevention of cavities. While fluoride treatment may not be necessary for every child, the anatomy of your child’s teeth and their history of tooth decay will help us determine whether your child could benefit from this inexpensive and effective preventative tool.

What is a protective dental sealant?

Dental sealants are a clear plastic coating placed over the grooves of your child’s teeth to prevent decay. Sealants are a fraction of the cost of fillings and can last up to five years. Children with particularly deep grooves in their teeth, a history of decay, or who consume foods containing high acid or sugar levels can benefit from getting sealants. Once sealants wear off, they can be replaced if continued protection is necessary.

How do I care for my child's teeth?

When children are small, we provide parents with instructions on the proper care for their child’s teeth. We show you how to brush properly and teach you about what to expect when it comes to your little one’s dentistry.

When your child is old enough, we will teach them how to brush their own teeth. Until your child is around eight years old, they will not have the dexterity to brush alone and will require assistance from you. When kids are ready to brush by themselves, we will check in with them at each exam about their habits, helping them to stay on track.

two kids after dental exam in palos heightsDo you offer any after school appointments?

We understand that raising a family takes up most of your day. We also understand that you may not want your child to miss school unnecessarily or have to take off work to bring him or her to the dentist. 

At Palos Pediatric Dentistry, we offer evening hours to help families get the care they need without rearranging life schedules.

Contact our Palos Heights, IL dental office to schedule an evening exam for your child today.

Do you take my insurance?

At Palos Heights Pediatric Dentistry, we take most PPO dental insurance plans to make it easier for your children to get the care they need. Additionally, we know that bills add up for families, which is why we promote preventive dentistry and good oral habits to help stave off potentially expensive dental issues down the road.

We recommend contacting our office to discuss your insurance benefits, and always get in touch with us if your insurance changes.

Our top Palos Heights, IL dentist wants your child to receive the best dental care, which is why we also offer:

  • Four Payment Option—this plan works for a service exceeding $500.00
  • Thirty-Six Month Payment Option—this plan is for a dental service exceeding $1000.00

Contact our office to learn more about our service payment options today.

How can I schedule a new patient exam in the 60463 Area?

We look forward to meeting you and your family. Our Palos Heights pediatric dental team knows how important your child is to you, and that is why we treat each child like our own. You can rely on Dr. Facko to be up-front and honest when it comes to your child’s care. Call us for an evaluation. We look forward to welcoming you to our office.