Pediatric Restorative Dentistry in Palos Heights, IL

Parents dread the word “cavity” just as much as kids do. While we place a big emphasis on preventative care in our Palos Heights dental office, sometimes children still require restorative dentistry.

Restorative dentistry for kids refers to treatments that restore the health of your child’s tooth or teeth. Whether it is filling a cavity, placing a crown, treating the nerve, or utilizing a space maintainer, at Palos Pediatric Dentistry, our team puts your child first. Our number one goal is to maintain your child’s health and comfort.

What is restorative dentistry?

Think of restorative dentistry for kids as the physical technologies that restore your child’s dental health. This can include everything from specific appliances for a child born without an adult tooth below the gum to:

  • Tooth fillings
  • Tooth crowns
  • Nerve treatment
  • Space maintainers

What exactly are cavities?

Kids love sugar, and so do cavities. No matter how impeccable your home care routine, your child might get a cavity. Due to the natural grooves and anatomy of the teeth, cavities are common among younger patients.

A cavity is really tooth decay (caries). Caries is caused by bacteria that have taken hold in your child’s tooth. These bacteria create an acidic environment and compromise the tooth structure.

How are cavities treated?

The earlier cavities are detected, the better. Our pediatric dentist Dr. Richard Facko will check your child’s teeth visually for decay as well as utilizing x-rays to examine areas between the teeth.

Once the cavity is detected, Dr. Facko will gently and expertly remove the area of decay and sterilize the tooth. He can then fill in the cavity to protect it from attracting more bacteria. His compassionate nature and experience with kids make them feel comfortable even while getting a filling.

When it comes to restorative dentistry for kids in Palos Heights, IL and the world over, dental fillings are the most common.

kinds after restorative dentistry exam in palos heightsHow can I help reduce cavities for my child?

A three-way partnership between you, your child’s Palos Heights, IL dentist, and our skilled hygienist is the best way to help eliminate or reduce the incidence of cavities in your child.

A good brushing routine at home is the first step, but the quality of brushing matters, too. Is your child hitting every tooth? Is your child rushing through his or her routine to return to a favorite activity? We recommend supervising your child until you’re confident that he or she is brushing effectively and correctly—brushing too hard and wearing down enamel can also contribute to cavities.

Generally, we recommend supervised brushing until the third or fourth grade, but if your child is skimping on the brushing and flossing, continue supervision until the routine is second nature.

Next, you’ll want to make sure your child visits our Palos Heights dental office at least twice per year for exams and x-rays as needed. Our top pediatric dentist may recommend fluoride treatments and dental sealants to strengthen your child’s teeth and help reduce cavities.

Finally, professional teeth cleanings in Palos Heights, IL are a crucial part of cavity prevention. Our hygienist can clear away everything your child’s toothbrush misses, the stubborn bacteria and tartar that lead to cavities.

Our recommendations fall in line with established pediatric dentistry guidelines put forward by the American Academy of Pediatric dentistry, but we can always customize a treatment plan if your child is prone to cavities or has a specific oral health issue.

Will cavities compromise my child's adult teeth?

When it comes to cavities, early detection is key. This is why we recommend regular dental exams. The smaller the cavities, the less it compromises your child’s adult teeth.

In general, a childhood cavity does not usually compromise your child’s adult teeth provided it is thoroughly treated by an experienced dentist.

Why does my child need a tooth crown?

Sometimes, in cases of severe decay or trauma, your child may require a dental crown. A crown is a protective cover placed over the tooth like a helmet. Tooth crowns can restore the structure, stabilize the tooth, and protect it from more extensive damage.

When it comes to restorative dentistry for kids, we make sure the crown is shaped and colored to match your child’s smile. It will look like a natural, healthy tooth.

What is nerve treatment?

Occasionally, because of deep decay or trauma, nerve treatment may be necessary to prevent a serious infection or tooth loss. Dr. Facko is skilled in techniques to gently clean out the decay and infection. He focuses on saving the tooth and maintaining function. Preservation is important because primary teeth act as guides for the eruption of secondary teeth.

How do space maintainers work?

Despite our best efforts, sometimes a baby tooth may be lost early from decay or trauma. When tooth loss occurs, surrounding teeth may shift. In these cases, space maintainers are sometimes utilized to assist in the correct eruption of secondary teeth. Space maintainers are made of stainless steel or plastic and hold the space for the secondary tooth. They are removed once the secondary tooth begins to erupt. Use of space maintainers can help prevent overcrowding and crooked teeth, possibly saving you and your child the expense of orthodontics down the road.

Can you help my child with special needs?

At Palos Pediatric Dentistry, we work hard to make each child feel comfortable and at ease. Our trained team and expert Palos Heights, IL pediatric dentist also have a lot of experience working with differently-abled children.

In some cases, we schedule an appointment just to meet your child and make him or her feel comfortable. We discuss with you, and your child if possible, what might make the dental exam or treatment easier and more relaxing. Our team is very patient, and we always work hard to make sure that every child gets the proper dental care.

We may provide special treatment plans that consider your child’s unique abilities, including oral health tips and routines that you can utilize at home.

It has been our experience that building trust with a child and creating an easy dental experience that considers specific needs is the best course for all children.

Our pediatric dentist in Palos Heights, IL looks forward to meeting your child and creating a trusting bond.

How can you help my child feel less anxious?girl during teeth cleaning in palos heights

When it comes to restorative dentistry for kids in Palos Heights, IL, our team wants your child to feel relaxed and at ease with their dental care.

If we are administering anesthesia, our dentist treats the area first with a topical numbing agent. We also take our time with your child and never double-book appointments. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is another possibility when it comes to making your child feel calm and at ease with restorations. This harmless gas is delivered through a small nasal mask.

We also offer sedation dentistry for children who suffer from extreme anxiety.

Most of the time, your child will relax with a DVD while our team sees to their dental work. The kids who visit our dental office tend to have an amazing relationship with our team and trust our dentist to care for them with a gentle hand.

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