Parents often wonder when it is appropriate to start taking their children to the dentist. Some parents postpone the first dental visit for too long, thinking that it is not necessary. However, early dental care is essential for prevention and timely detection of problems.

About 70% of American adults do not get the necessary dental care they need. Often, it is because of a dental fear they have experienced their whole lives.

Children are intuitive and can pick up on negativity and emotions from their parents. If you have a fear of the dentist, sometimes you can unknowingly pass that along to your child, so it is important to maintain positivity about dental treatment.

At Palos Pediatric Dentistry, we provide a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere so that both you and your children feel at home. Our team really loves what they do, and so they are very approachable and eager to help. If you yourself experience dental anxiety, it might help to talk to one of our compassionate team members about your experience in order to prevent your child from inheriting your fear.

It is important to avoid scary dental words from an early age. Words like drill, shot, hurt, and poke create unnecessary dental anxiety. We can help you talk to your child in terms that will not alarm them.

Your Child’s First Visit to Our Office

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends your child visits a dentist by their first birthday. Typically, at the initial “happy visit,” we will brush their teeth, do a dental exam, apply fluoride, and introduce them to the dental office. We also help parents with tips for excellent home care.



At this time, we will also look to make sure your child is progressing as expected. We will verify that they are getting their teeth at the right time and that everything looks healthy. This will also be a great opportunity to discuss what you can expect in the future.

Starting out an early age creates a solid dental health foundation for your little one. Unlike most offices, Dr. Facko encourages parents to be in our treatment rooms with their children of all ages. When approached in a positive way, your presence can comfort your child.

Uncooperative Kids

Even if you don’t think your child will cooperate, it is still a great time to bring them to the dentist. We can meet a few times to teach your child about our office, build trust, and reward them for positive behavior. This will prepare your little one for their future dental appointments and make it a fun and positive way to stay healthy.

Call Us to Schedule a Happy Appointment

If your child’s first birthday is approaching, give us a call to schedule their initial visit to our office. Our Palos Heights pediatric dental office is dedicated to pediatric dental health. We welcome you and your children and look forward to seeing their little smile for the very first time.