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How to Handle Your Child’s Dental Anxiety

November 27, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Richard Facko
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At Palos Pediatric Dentistry, our goal is to make kids as comfortable as possible when they see us. But we know the reality is that some children will still feel anxiety about visiting the dentist. Some children may also have special needs, which can limit their understanding of what it means to visit the dentist. These children might need sedation dentistry at our Palos Heights Practice.

Evaluating Your Child’s Needs

Pediatric dentist Dr. Richard Facko is experienced when it comes to assessing your child’s needs in the dental chair. He carefully weighs the pros and cons of using sedation dentistry, considering your child as well as your own wishes. You can count on him to give you the most conservative recommendation possible so your child can comfortably get the dental treatment he or she needs.

Sedation Dentistry Options

Nitrous oxide — This gas is breathed in through an apparatus much like an oxygen mask. It lulls children into a relaxed state safely and effectively. Its effects leave the body quickly after administration.

Sedation medication —  Like nitrous, sedation medication will relax your child while keeping him or her conscious. Your child will have limited memory of the procedure and will have an easier time staying still—especially during more complex procedures.

General anesthesia — In more extreme cases, general anesthesia might be called for, but Dr. Facko will only recommend this if it is absolutely needed. We usually reserve its use for very young children, those with certain developmental conditions, or those with extreme dental phobia.

Call Us to Make an Appointment

If you are concerned about bringing your child to the dentist, please call us to schedule a consultation. We can go over the best options for your child and situation. We want to start your little ones off on a lifetime of good oral care, and being comfortable in the dental chair is a part of that.

We look forward to caring for your child in the best way possible. Call us today!

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Sedation Dentistry for Kids in Palos Heights
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At Palos Pediatric Dentistry, PC, our top dentist in Palos Heights, CA wants your child to feel relaxed during treatment. We believe that positive associations with the dentist and dental office lead to better oral habits into adulthood. For these reasons, we offer sedation dentistry for kids in Palos Heights, CA.

Our top dentist in Palos Heights takes the time to get to know your child and helps him or her feel relaxed, but sometimes kids need a little extra reassurance.

How Sedation Dentistry for Kids in Palos Heights Works

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