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Why Should I Bring My Child in for a Cleaning and Dental Checkup?

August 14, 2020
Posted By: Palos Pediatric Dentistry
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If you’re a busy parent of a young child or children, you may wonder if it’s vital to take your little ones to the dentist for regular teeth cleanings. After all, your child’s baby teeth will fall out anyway, right?

While it’s correct baby teeth won’t last forever, you should still teach your kids to practice excellent oral hygiene from the time they get their very first tooth! Protecting their baby teeth now ensures they will maintain their dental health as they age and as their teeth begin to fall out naturally.

Pediatric Dental Cleanings in Palos Heights

Regularly visiting the dentist is a crucial component of every child’s oral health experience. Here at Palos Pediatric Dentistry, we consider our children’s dental cleanings in Palos Heights one of the best ways to keep young smiles healthy and happy.

If you have doubts about the power of professional dental cleanings, we invite you to consider some of the many ways that visiting the dentist makes a difference to your child:

  • Children are not immune to gum disease, and regular dental cleanings mean less plaque has a chance to build up on your child’s smile. This will reduce their risk of developing gum disease even while they’re still learning proper brushing and flossing habits.
  • Regular dental visits give our Palos Heights pediatric dentist a chance to apply dental sealants or administer fluoride treatments, both of which will help keep cavities away.
  • Sometimes, children are more receptive to feedback and advice from a professional than they are from their parents, which means our dental team can help in ways that might be challenging to address at home.
  • When we see your child consistently and beginning at a young age, we can keep an eye out for overcrowding or problems with their bite so we can keep you informed about their potential need for braces down the road.
  • Baby teeth can still get cavities, which means your child needs regular dental x-rays to check for tooth decay.

Schedule Your Child’s Teeth Cleaning Today

Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Richard Facko, is accepting new patients and will happily see your child for a pediatric dental cleaning in Palos Heights. To schedule a time with us, please call our dental office at (708) 263-6708 today!

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