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How soon should I start brushing my child's teeth?

Your Orland Park pediatric dentist recommends cleaning your child's teeth as soon as possible. Right after birth, parents can gently clean their baby's gums with a soft toothbrush made for infants or even a clean, damp washcloth. 

Brushing your son's or daughter's teeth is essential once they start teething. Using a minimal amount of fluoride toothpaste (no bigger than a grain of rice), they can begin brushing baby teeth as soon as they emerge, twice a day. 

Your child's first teeth serve many purposes, including serving as a placeholder for permanent teeth and aiding in digestion. Even though they are temporary, it is still essential to take care of them in order to set forth healthy oral health habits.

When baby teeth are neglected or decayed, they can affect your child's nutrition and speech development. If a baby tooth falls out prematurely, it can cause the adult tooth to emerge crooked. 

Keep Your Child's Teeth Healthy

Your children's dentist, Dr. Richard Facko of Palos Heights, IL, can provide guidance or tips on how to keep your baby's smile healthy and happy. It's essential to start early, be gentle, and help promote healthy oral health habits.

Bringing your child to regular dental cleanings, even as a baby, can help them normalize the dental office and feel comfortable once their teeth start coming in. 

Bring Your Baby in for a Dental Check-In

It's never too soon to start caring for your child's oral health. Give Palos Pediatric Dentistry a call today to schedule your baby's first visit. 

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