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How do I make my child's diet safe for his teeth?

Studies show that dietary preferences are established very early in life, sometimes within just the first year. It is a great opportunity as a parent to provide your child with a healthy foundation that will stay with your child forever. Many products are on the market and targeted toward children that can be harmful to their teeth, including those "squeeze packs" of pureed fruit, juice boxes, and fruit snacks. We work with all of our families to give personalized recommendations for each child. Investing a little time and energy now pays huge long-term dividends for your child.

Stay Away From Juice!

Avoid giving your child juice. Avoid giving your child juice. That's not a type-o, we believe it's the most important thing you can do for babies and toddlers to prevent cavities. This includes no-sugar-added, all-natural, 100% organic juice, or whatever else the manufacturer wants to tell you to sell their product. There are no nutritional benefits to drinking fruit juice; it would be much better to eat whole fruit and drink water or milk. And sweetened beverages are the most common reason why young children get cavities.

All of our dental check-ups include diet counseling. We take the time to review your child's diet, and make specific recommendations for ways to improve to reduce the likelihood that your child will get cavities. Sometimes little changes can make a huge difference!

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