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How can I avoid dental emergencies?

We know that as a parent, you never want to have to take your child to the dentist for an emergency. We would like to help you avoid emergency dental visits as well! One of the best ways to keep your little one’s teeth healthy and comfortable is by bringing them in for their routine preventative appointments and professional dental cleanings. That way, we can stop most dental emergencies before they start!

Prevention, Prevention, Prevention!

When we see a condition that we’re concerned about, we will let you know right away. That way, we can address the issue before it causes your child pain or problems.

In order to keep your child free of dental emergencies while at play, we offer custom sports guards for them to wear during practice. Wearing a sports guard can protect your child’s smile when they miss the ball or get a little too rowdy on the field. 

We also know that some dental emergencies are unavoidable and we are committed to being your emergency dentist. We always have your child’s best interest in mind, so if you’re ever in doubt about your little one’s condition, call us and we can walk you through a series of questions to determine the next step to restore your child’s health.

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