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Are dental cleanings really necessary?

Your dental health is essential for your quality of life, and the journey starts as a child. It may seem like a chore when it comes to convincing little ones to get ready, taking time off work, and being on time for your dental appointments. 

However, it's essential that you and your child both see the value in their oral health investment. At Palos Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Richard Facko takes the time to explain the importance of clean and healthy teeth and gums. We know that dental cleanings may not be something your child looks forward to, which is why we make our appointments fun and gentle. 

The Importance of Dental Cleanings

Even if you and your family brush and floss every day, there is still plaque and particles of food that love to get into hard to reach spaces that only a dental professional can reach, especially if any teeth are crooked. 

When plaque builds up, it can lead to gum disease or infection, which can lead to premature tooth loss. Children can have a difficult time fully reaching or cleaning all surfaces of their teeth, which can make dental cleanings very important. We reach spots that children cannot reach with special tools and skills to prevent tooth decay. 

We recommend visiting your Palos Heights children's dentist at least twice a year to minimize plaque buildup and food deposits. If your son or daughter is at a higher risk for cavities, we may recommend fluoride treatments and dental sealants to keep their teeth healthy.

Call Us to Schedule Your Child's Next Dental Cleaning

We love keeping your child's teeth and gums strong and healthy, and it starts with our gentle and thorough dental cleanings. Call Palos Pediatric Dentistry today to schedule your next dental visit. 

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