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Dental Crowns For Kids

December 23, 2021
Posted By: Palos Pediatric Dentistry Team
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When the structure of a tooth is compromised by damage to the enamel through trauma or infection, the dentist will use a dental crown. This important restoration acts as a shock-absorbing helmet to protect the rest of the tooth from fracture or reinfection and keep it in the mouth. 

We also use a tooth crown when the tooth can no longer support a filling due to damage. Removing a tooth is only a last resort when we cannot save it.

This is true of both adult and baby teeth. But you may wonder why we would work so hard to save a tooth that will fall out anyway.

Does My Child's Baby Tooth Need A Crown

You may be wondering why a tooth that will eventually fall out to make room for an adult tooth would need a crown. Parents might think it would be just as good to have the infected tooth removed and wait for the adult tooth to grow in.

This is not a good strategy for long-term oral health. Baby teeth do more than just enable your child to chew their food and speak.

Teeth play an important role in protecting the gums, jaw, and surrounding teeth. Even baby teeth play these vital roles. Keeping the tooth in place will keep the surrounding teeth straighter and prevent them from drifting.

Keeping the baby tooth in place will help ensure that the adult teeth in the area come in straight and healthy.

Because of the risks associated with pulling baby teeth, we recommend crowns. We can use a highly durable silver crown that will last for years, giving the adult tooth plenty of time to come in after the baby tooth.

Pediatric Restorative Dentistry from the Best Dentist Near Me

When addressing your child's oral health issues, including restorative dentistry for kids, it's best to seek out the best pediatric dentist, and look to the experts at Palos Pediatric Dentistry.

We serve the greater Palos Heights, IL area providing the best pediatric dentistry around. Contact us today to learn more, or request an appointment online!

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