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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Preventive Services

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If you are looking for a new dental office for your child, you probably have a lot of questions about which office is right for your family. We understand! At Palos Pediatric Dentistry, we know that your little one is number one in your life, so Dr. Richard Facko has made a commitment that they are number one with us, as well.

Here is a list of some of the most commonly asked questions we hear in our pediatric dental office. We know this list does not include all of the questions you might have, so we encourage you to give us a call at our Palos Heights pediatric dental office to discuss your individual needs.

Preventive Services

Your dental health is essential for your quality of life, and the journey starts as a child. It may seem like a chore when it comes to convincing little ones to get ready, taking time off work, and being on time for your dental appointments. 

However, it's essential that you and your child both see the value in their oral health investment. At Palos Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Richard Facko takes the time to explain the importance of clean and healthy teeth and gums. We know that dental cleanings may not be something your child looks forward to, which is why we make our appointments fun and gentle. 

The Importance of Dental Cleanings

Even if you and your family brush and floss every day, there is still plaque and particles of food that love to get into hard to reach spaces that only a dental professional can reach, especially if any teeth are crooked. 

When plaque builds up, it can lead to gum disease or infection, which can lead to premature tooth loss. Children can have a difficult time fully reaching or cleaning all surfaces of their teeth, which can make dental cleanings very important. We reach spots that children cannot reach with special tools and skills to prevent tooth decay. 

We recommend visiting your Palos Heights children's dentist at least twice a year to minimize plaque buildup and food deposits. If your son or daughter is at a higher risk for cavities, we may recommend fluoride treatments and dental sealants to keep their teeth healthy.

Call Us to Schedule Your Child's Next Dental Cleaning

We love keeping your child's teeth and gums strong and healthy, and it starts with our gentle and thorough dental cleanings. Call Palos Pediatric Dentistry today to schedule your next dental visit. 

Children's Dental Appointment | palos heights il dentistKids' Dentistry Appointments on Your Schedule

We understand that raising a family is a busy affair!  That's why we offer plenty of hours after school.  We are also open on Saturdays for your convenience.  We have found that many young children do better with morning appointments, before they are exhausted from a busy day at preschool or at home.  Teens with busy school and activity schedules will love the after-school and weekend hours so they don't miss a minute of practice!

Contact Us

 Call us today to set up an appointment! Our caring team will work around your family's busy schedule to get your kids the dental care they need. 

Pediatric Dentistry in Palos Heights, IL

Dental x-rays serve a very important purpose for children. They allow us to detect cavities between the teeth early, when fixing these cavities is less complicated. Also, x-rays can help us to assess your child’s growth and development. However, we use x-rays sparingly and only when indicated. We prescribe x-rays based on your child’s risk for developing cavities, not by universal rules.

Fluoride is typically applied to your child’s teeth after cleaning. Using fluoride after a cleaning helps replace the fluoride-rich layer of enamel that was removed during the cleaning.

Contact Us

Contact our children's dental office in Palos Heights, IL to schedule a preventive dental appointment for your child. Frequent dentist visits are one of the best way to prevent cavities and help your child maintain their oral health.


There are a couple of different ways you can help ensure your child develops good oral health habits that can last a lifetime.

First Method

kid with good teeth and oral health habits The first is to make dental hygiene fun. Kids love to mimic what their parents do, so brush and floss together. You might want to invest in a special toothbrush or toothpaste that makes the experience more enjoyable for children. Because proper toothbrushing should last a full two minutes, invest in a timer for kids. An old-fashioned sand timer is a fun option because children enjoy watching the sand move through the hourglass.

Second Method

The second way to help develop good oral health habits is through regular visits to the dentist. These should start at an early age—usually be your child’s first birthday or when those first teeth begin to erupt. It’s important to bring kids in regularly from a young age; studies have shown that kids who go to the dentist regularly are more likely to become adults who continue to take good care of their oral health.

Our Palos Heights pediatric dental team loves treating kids, from their first appointment with us to meeting their pediatric orthodontics needs when they are a bit older. Call us today to make an appointment!

children's dental health and habits | palos heights il dentistOral Health for Kids

The cornerstone of our practice is prevention.  If we can help you keep your child's teeth healthy, this will lead to a lower cost of dental care, fewer appointments, less time missed from school, and no anxiety regarding dental care.  Some kids tend to be more cavity prone than others.  Part of every exam includes a parent and child interview to assess hygiene practices and diet at home.  This information, combined with findings from a clinical exam, help us to determine your child's risk for developing decay in the future.  Then, we provide guidance regarding a specific cavity prevention plan based on your child's cavity risk.

Children's Dentistry in Palos Heights, IL

For children at high risk for cavities, we offer a variety of preventive services.  Some things we like to think about for our cavity-prone children:

  • More frequent cleaning intervals
  • Prescription-strength fluoride toothpaste
  • Sealants on either primary or permanent teeth
  • Diet counseling to identify behaviors that are high risk for development of cavities
  • Oral hygiene instructions, including demonstration, to improve home care


Contact Us

If you have questions about preventing cavities in your child, please contact our local office to schedule an appointment.

children's dentist palos heights Dental care is the most unmet health need in children even though tooth decay remains the most common chronic childhood illness. Advancements in children’s dentistry, including water fluoridation, fluoride toothpaste, and improvements in preventative treatments make dental decay easier to control, yet most children will experience tooth decay at one time or another.

Is there anything I can do as a parent?

Many parents want to know how they can prevent decay in their children. What most parents don’t know is that until about the age of eight years old, children lack the dexterity to brush well enough on their own. They will need your assistance until then. When they are capable of brushing on their own, they may need assistance with their follow through.

What else can prevent decay?

Brushing with fluoride toothpaste and receiving additional fluoride treatments (if necessary) at their regular dental cleaning appointments can help keep their enamel strong. Regular professional dental cleanings are essential to maintaining your child’s dental health. 

We also offer another form of preventative children’s dentistry called dental sealants. Dental sealants are a clear coating Dr. Richard Facko may recommend for patients with deep grooves in their teeth or who are more susceptible to dental decay for other reasons. Sealants provide a barrier between the foods your child eats and the chewing surfaces of their teeth.

multiple children | children's dentistry | palos heights ilFamily Dentist Appointments at Palos Pediatric Dentistry

Balancing school, activity, and sports schedules of one child is hard enough.  With multiple children, there's what feels like an endless list of obligations.  We offer family block appointments so that all of your children can be seen on the same day.  Hopefully with all good checkups we'll see you again six months later!

Contact Us

Contact our dental office in Palos Heights, IL to schedule back-to-back dentist appointments for all your children.

family dentist palos heights It can be hard waiting with young children for an appointment - they get anxious and it can be hard for them to sit in the waiting room for long periods.  We do our best to organize our schedule in such a way that we run on time, even early!  We do not double-book appointments; we reserve time just for your child.  In order for us to run on-time with all of our patients, we ask that you arrive at your appointment on time.  If you are 15 minutes or more late for an appointment, we may ask you to reschedule to be fair to the family who is waiting for the appointment after your child's.

We take the time to meet all of your child's needs!

In addition to trying our best to seat your child on-time, we also spend as much time as needed with each individual child.  In the rare case where we are running late, please know that we always give everyone, including your child, the amount of time that they need at each appointment.  Call us today for more information!

It might seem like an unnecessary step to take your child to a completely separate dental office for their dental care. However, children’s dentists received the skills and training necessary to treat the unique needs of your child. In fact, children’s dentists often go through several additional years of training and residency in order to provide your little ones with the best care possible. Dr. Facko is no exception! He completed a two-year residency in pediatric dentistry and earned his Master’s Degree on Oral Science.

Dr. Facko understands children!

In addition to his specialized training, Dr. Facko has children of his own and intimately understands the expectations from his patients’ parents. He knows that they want high-quality, gentle care for their kids. They also want to know all of their options so they can make the best decision for their child.

What are your services?

We offer preventative, restorative, and orthodontic services as well as additional services including sedation and dentistry for kids with special needs. We know how to communicate in a way that will put your child at ease and help them learn about their dental treatment in a way that they can understand.

Children’s dentistry is never one-size-fits-all because each child is completely unique. That is why we customize your child’s dental care to meet their needs and to provide a foundation for a lifetime of excellent oral health.

children's dentistry | palos heights IL dentistChildren's Dentist in Palos Heights, IL

You may wonder what makes pediatric dentists different. After all, it might seem easier to take your little ones to your general dentist instead of making a special trip. However, numerous advantages exist for taking your child to a dentist that specializes in children’s dentistry. 

Specialized Training

Each pediatric dentist goes through approximately two additional years of training in order to learn the skills necessary to provide excellent dental care for your child. They learn everything from the language to use when explaining procedures to children to how to treat children with special needs. Dr. Facko served a two year residency in pediatric dentistry so that he could effectively and successfully treat dental conditions specific to children.

A Gentle Touch 

We hope all dentists are gentle, but it is especially important when treating kids. The experiences they have now will shape the future of their dental wellness and we want to make it a positive experience! 

We avoid scary words and describe treatment in such a way that helps them understand and feel safe.

Your Child is Still Growing

Children are not little adults. They are still growing! That means that the correct interceptive treatment now can help them avoid many dental conditions in their future. We proactively treat children in order ensure a beautiful and healthy smile for a lifetime.  Call us today for more information.


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