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Every parent wants a healthy and comfortable smile for their child. Part of achieving a healthy, happy smile for a lifetime is practicing good home care habits. Your child’s diet plays a large role in the health of their teeth and gums throughout their lifetimes. As part of your child’s oral health care routine, our Palos Heights pediatric dentist office is a great educational source for your little one’s oral health.

Keeping Your Child Healthy

Much of what will keep your child nutritionally healthy in body goes for their teeth, as well. Having a well-balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains is the key to good health! Just like adults, kids love variety and implementing whole foods from every color of the rainbow and variety will be a good way to approach your child’s nutrition.

What to Avoid To Keep Teeth in Good Shape

Some of the things to avoid to keep your child’s smile healthy include processed, sugary, starchy snacks, and acidic beverages that contain sugar - including fruit juice. The most common preventable childhood disease is dental decay. Because our culture has fast, convenient, and often sugar-laden foods, it can be a challenge to make those healthy choices. 

The bacteria that cause decay food on the food particles in your child’s mouth. Their favorite food source is sugar. Cutting out candy is not enough, however, because sugar is found in cereals, sodas, juice, and even bread. Starchy foods begin to convert to sugar in the mouth because of our digestive enzymes.

By avoiding these sticky, starchy, and sugary snacks (or at the very least, brushing your child’s teeth after they eat them) you can help to prevent decay.

We use the latest technology to diagnose dental conditions early so we can treat them while they are small, less expensive, and less invasive. By taking a preventive approach to dental care, we can protect your little one’s smile!


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