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The Role of Your Child's Diet in their Dental Development

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Kids are full of energy and need the proper fuel to grow. The same goes for their developing teeth and bones. Your little one’s diet plays a huge role in how strong they are, how their immune system functions, and in their oral health. 

Here are some ways that you can alter your child’s diet to make sure their smile gets a great start.

Sugar Plays a Major Part in Oral and Overall Health

Bacteria love sugar and so do kids. While kids may crave and ask for sweets, offering them a healthy alternative is always better. Fresh fruit, nut butters, or lean proteins make a great mid-day snack without the cavity causing sugar found in candy and cookies.

The foods that are most detrimental to the health of children’s smiles are the ones that are sugary and easily get stuck in teeth – gummy bears, toffee, sugary gum, and even cookies or chips.

Encourage Proper Rehydration with Good Old Fashioned Water

Proper saliva production is essential to good oral health. Without it, decay and periodontal disease can develop. Instead of offering a sugary soda or fruit juice, encourage kids to drink plenty of water. This will support their smiles along with every other system in the body.

Make Sure Your Child Is Getting a Well Rounded Diet

When thinking of foods, think of variety! Fruits and vegetables come in a wide variety of colors and textures. Children are natural explorers and will get excited about new foods on the menu. Try incorporating a few seasonal fruits or vegetables each week that you don’t normally consume. This will also help your child be a less picky eater by developing their palates to a wide variety of textures and flavors.

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