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Back-to-School: Packing a Lunch for a Healthier Smile

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It’s tough for parents to plan every meal. A lot goes into planning something nutritious and tasty for the every member of the family. If you follow a few guidelines, however, it is easy to avoid the foods that can negatively impact your teeth.

Ditch the Juice

While juice may seem like a healthy alternative to soda, it contains high amounts of sugar and acid that can soften enamel, causing tooth decay. A thermos filled with water is the best choice for hydration at lunchtime. Not only does it wash away food particles after eating, it also promotes healthy saliva production to assist with preventing gum disease and decay.

Avoid the Sweets

Candy can seem like a quick way to boost energy. Nutrition bars can actually contain as much sugar as candy. Looking closely at labels will help you avoid hidden sweets. Eating nuts, seeds, and dried fruit can be a healthy alternative.

Opt for Fruits and Veggies at Snack Time

When snack time rolls around, cut up fruits and vegetables with peanut butter, hummus, or a veggie dip can hold your little one over until the end of the day when they can come home and have an after-school snack. Kids burn a lot of energy and proper fuel can help them excel.

Encourage Good Habits from the Start

Kids learn most of their behaviors by mimicking the grown-ups in their lives. If you demonstrate healthy eating habits from the start, kids will learn to love the healthiest foods possible. Since kids rely on parents to bring groceries home, leave the unhealthiest ones behind and opt for those that help their little bodies develop properly.

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