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You want the best for your kids.  And yet, some kids tend to be more cavity prone despite your best efforts.  For children with large cavities, the standard of care in pediatric dentistry has always been stainless steel crowns. While these crowns provide a very predictable outcome, they look like a chrome bumper! Children (and parents) are then left to live with the stigma of having poor dental health earlier in life. But now, there's an alternative!


Why it is Important to Preserve Baby Teeth


Baby teeth are important - they allow your child to chew, smile, and speak.  They also help to preserve space for the erupting permanent teeth.  The front teeth typically begin to fall out around age 6.  But, the back baby molars stay much longer - typically until around 10 years old.  That is why we go through such effort to preserve the baby teeth, but this has often meant placing silver crowns, which are not aesthetically pleasing.  There are now white crowns available that can predictably restore baby teeth.  You're going to love the way these crowns look - there just no comparison. They are offered for both front and back teeth. Only your child's dentist can provide treatment options based on a visual and radiographic examination, but if a crown is indicated there is nothing that compares aesthetically to these pre-formed, white crowns.


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