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With all of the crazy winter weather we've had, it's hard to imagine, but school registration is right around the corner!  As part of your child's kindergarten enrollment, the State of Illinois requires that your child be evaluated by a dentist. At Palos Pediatric Dentistry, we're happy to complete your child's kindergarten dental exam form.

School Dental Exams at Palos Pediatric Dentistry

At your child's dental visit, we will perform all of the requirements for school, and discuss any of our findings with you. We'll be sure to go over the following topics:

  • We will review your child's dental and medical histories. We will also discuss your child's diet and how it may affect his teeth.

  • We will check for cavities, both by looking at your child's teeth and by taking x-rays to check between the teeth. If any cavities are present, we will discuss treatment options with you.

  • We will clean your child's teeth. This allows for a thorough examination. We also use our cleaning time to review good brushing and flossing habits with you and your child.

  • We will record any previous dental treatment that your child has received.

  • We will evaluate your child's permanent molars for sealants. A sealant is a protective coating that we place on the chewing surface of permanent molars to reduce decay by about 75%.

  • We will check your child's occlusion, or bite, and provide guidance regarding future orthodontic needs.

  • Following your child's dental exam, we will apply fluoride varnish to help protect against decay.

  • Finally, we will discuss any treatment needs, as well as develop a personalized prevention plan for your child. We recommend check-up and x-ray intervals based on your child's risk for decay. We can also provide special guidance for home care for children who are at increased risk for cavities.

Remember, the State of Illinois requires dental examinations for children entering kindergarten, second, and sixth grades.

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