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Too Busy/Nothing Wrong

Our goal with today's blog post is to address two more common concerns of parents regarding bringing their children to the dentist regularly.  With summer in full force, you may be thinking that it's just too busy of a time to bring your child to the dentist.  Feel confident knowing that our office offers evening and weekend dental appointments to accommodate your busy schedule.  We also offer family block appointments - bring multiple children ...

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Why Many People Avoid The Dentist: Part 1 of 4

Preventive ServicesThere are many adults who avoid going to the dentist; in fact, only around 60% of adults visit the dentist once per year.  The number for children is higher at around 80%, but still many children either don't visit the dentist regularly or don't follow through with needed dental care.  This four-part series is designed to address some of the common excuses for not visiting a dentist regularly.  The first reason we will explore is "I don't visit the dentist (or take my child to the dentist) regularly because it is too expensive."
For around ...

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Tooth Grinding in Children

If your child grinds his or her teeth (a condition called bruxism), you probably already know.  To me, it's like the sound of nails on a chalkboard.  Many parents are concerned that this grinding can lead to problems in the future.  Some of the signs and symptoms of teeth grinding in children include:

  • Noise - as mentioned, it's a very distinct noise that sometimes can be heard from an adjacent room
  • Worn teeth - may be a sign of grinding, but there are other causes too
  • Sensitive teeth - grinding may expose the sensitive layer of the teeth, called dentin, resulting in sensitivity
  • Headaches, especially in the ...

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Spring Sports – Healthy Habits for Healthy Teeth!

Spring usually means warmer temperatures, some rain, and tulips emerging from the ground. If you don't look outside, you might actually believe that spring is here! Despite extended winter temperatures, registration for spring sports is here. When you're considering which sports to register for, keep in mind some habits to keep your child healthy during sports and activities.

Hydration is an important part of any sport, but many of the options out there can lead to dental decay. There is no evidence to support the need for sports drinks during athletic activities in children. While performance sports drinks may help athletes at the highest level of competition, they are ...

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Let's Run!

We're excited that the Palos Heights Chocolate Chase 5k is just around the corner!  If you're anything like us (it's been a long winter), the "couch to 5k" program is in full force.  The race is on Saturday, April 19th, at 9:00am (the day before Easter).  The post-race party includes all-you-can-eat chocolate (check your race information bags for a complimentary toothbrush!).  Last year's race attracted around 700 participants, from Palos Heights, Oak, Lawn, Orland Park, Tinley Park, and even from far away, so be sure to register early!

This year, we'll be sponsoring the finish line.  Feel free to stop by after the race, we're sure to have some goodies and ...

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Now Offering - White Crowns for Kids!

You want the best for your kids.  And yet, some kids tend to be more cavity prone despite your best efforts.  For children with large cavities, the standard of care in pediatric dentistry has always been stainless steel crowns. While these crowns provide a very predictable outcome, they look like a chrome bumper! Children (and parents) are then left to live with the stigma of having poor dental health earlier in life. But now, there's an alternative!

Baby teeth are important - they allow your child to chew, smile, and speak.  They also help to preserve space for the erupting ...

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ADA Recommends X-rays at Custom Intervals

Guidelines published by the American Dental Association recommend that x-rays be prescribed by a dentist at intervals that are appropriate for each individual. In the past, many dental practices have followed the insurance reimbursement schedules in determining whether or not to take x-rays. This can lead to over-prescribing for some patients, and possibly under-prescribing for others.

Dental X-RaysAt Palos Pediatric Dentistry, part of every examination is a Caries Risk Assessment. We classify each child as being at low, medium, or high risk for developing dental decay in the future. Based on this assessment, ...

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