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Xylitol – A SWEET Way to Prevent Cavities

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If there was a natural food that tasted sweet, was relatively inexpensive, could be used to sweeten your coffee or tea, or even a pan of brownies, was sugar-free, and helped to rid your mouth of cavity-causing bacteria and reduce plaque levels, would you yell “Hallelujah!”?  Well, there is such a product, and it's called XYLITOL!

Xylitol is a naturally-occurring sugar that was first discovered in the bark of birch trees.  It has been used in the medical profession for post-operative, burn, and shock patients.  It is also recommended by some physicians as a sweetener for diabetic patients.  Studies are currently being conducted on the affect of xylitol on acute otitis ...

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Pregnancy and Oral Health

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Whether you're already expecting a baby or preparing for pregnancy, there are many important points to consider during pregnancy that can affect the health of your child.  While your obstetrician will have many do's and don't's, many times oral health takes a back seat during this time.  Here's a few tips to consider that will help you and your child have healthy teeth!

Will my baby have my teeth?

Well, funny you should ask.  We know that when babies have cavity-causing bacteria in their mouths, 25-100% of the time those bacteria came from mom (depending on which study you read)!  That's right, cavities are caused by a specific strain of bacteria that ...

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My Kids Have Soft Teeth!

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I hear the same thing almost every day at my practice.  “I have soft teeth”, “I hope my kids don't get my teeth”, “I hope my kids get my husband's teeth”, and every variation you can think of.  Let me take a risk and hope you will take a leap of faith and read this entire post.

You probably don't have soft teeth.  And by probably, I mean that more than likely, you have perfectly normal teeth (there are a few rare genetic conditions that truly do cause “soft teeth”, but they are indeed very rare, and easily identified by an experienced dentist).  You MAY, however, be at a much higher ...

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Your Child's First Visit

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Children learn dental habits at a young age that can carry on through their childhood. While many parents think that teaching their children good oral hygiene isn’t important until they grow their adult teeth, this is actually far from the truth. Your child’s first dental visit should be about six months after their first teeth grow in to no later than three years old. Palos Pediatric Dentistry specializes in children’s dentistry and can help your child develop good dental hygiene habits early.

Importance of Early Dental Visit

They will be more comfortable with dentists – Many adults experience anxiety when they have to go to the dentist, so it is likely your ...

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Infant Diet Tips for Healthy Teeth

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Having a newborn at home is one of the most exciting times in life!  And, it's certainly one of the most stressful.  There's about a million things to think about with a newborn, and often teeth are pretty low on the list of concerns (since they don't have any yet!). BUT, the dietary preferences that we develop at a very young age have been shown to stick with us throughout our lives. While this may seem overwhelming – what you feed your infant can affect her whole life – it's also a great opportunity to help shape a healthy lifestyle from the very ...

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Treating Your Child’s Cavities Without a Drill-- Introducing Silver Diamine Fluoride

We have seen some big changes here at Palos Pediatric Dentistry as of late! Over the last couple of months, Dr. Richard Facko and his dedicated team have had the opportunity to introduce and implement a treatment for cavities that serves as an alternative to the traditional “drill and fill”.

What is it? This treatment is known as Silver Diamine Fluoride, or SDF, and ...

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Why do my children need a regular cleaning?

Children should start coming in to the dentist at a young ageWhen working with younger patients, a “cleaning” may have different meaning than for adults.  We employ several different methods of cleaning based on your child’s age, stage of development, and dental needs.  A “toothbrush prophylaxis” involves manually removing plaque from the surfaces of your child’s teeth with a toothbrush.  For very young or anxious children, this may be the most appropriate tool for cleaning teeth.  First, very young children typically have soft plaque that is easily removed with a toothbrush.  Also, this type of visit is less traumatic and welcomes your child ...

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