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Early Oral Health Habits

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Tooth decay is exceedingly common in children, which means that keeping up with your child’s oral health is extremely important, especially in their first few weeks. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics report that tooth decay is the most common chronic children’s disease in the county.

Since preventing this disease begins even just in the first weeks of your baby’s life, many parents talk about the best prevention methods with a pediatrician. Here’s some great tips for preventing tooth decay in your infant:

  • Check the teeth: Be sure to check on the baby teeth regularly. The teeth should be all one color, so if you see any spots or stains on ...

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Help Your Kids Develop Healthy Oral Care Habits

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It can be hard enough for you to remember to get in to see the dentist, let alone finding the time to get your children to one as well. However, your child’s dental health may be dependent on these early visits to the dentist. At Palos Pediatric Dentistry, we focus completely on the oral health of children as soon as they get their first tooth to ensure that they learn good oral hygiene habits that they will carry throughout their life.

Helping Your Child Develop Healthy Oral Care Habits

  • Early visits to the dentist – The main reasons adults don’t see their dentist regularly is either because the don’t think they need ...

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How Do Cavities Form? Part I: Sugar

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There are many myths and plenty of misinformation out there regarding cavity formation.  In this three-part series, I hope to dispel some of those myths and give you information that will help keep your child’s teeth healthy.

Cavity formation requires three things – sugar, bacteria, and time.  If any one of these three factors is missing, a cavity will not form.  While cavities form from the same factors, some individuals are certainly more prone to cavities than others.  For cavity-prone people, these ideas are even more important, as they will have to work harder to keep their teeth healthy than their peers.

Fermentable carbohydrates, particularly sugar, are one of the three factors ...

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Dental X-rays – One Size Doesn’t Fit All

dental x-rays | palos heights il dentist

There has been coverage in the media regarding the safety of dental x-rays, especially in children.  Our office is committed to providing the safest and highest level of care for your children.  We are particularly sensitive to the risks of exposure to ionizing radiation, especially in children.  Our office takes special precautions to minimize your child’s exposure to radiation.

Dental x-rays allow for early detection of cavities between the teeth.  They also are helpful to determine the extent of decay and proximity to the nerve of the tooth.  A dental x-ray may also show developmental anomalies, cysts, and tumors.  It is important that the dentist weigh the benefits of detecting pathology ...

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Sharing Germs – Preventing Cavities in Infants

preventing cavities in infants | pregnant woman

Newborns develop entirely free of germs.  Their first exposure to germs is during delivery, during which time germs (mostly good bugs!) are passed from mother to child.  This is the first step for your child developing a healthy colony of bacteria in her mouth, stomach, and intestines.  Bacteria are essential for us to live, and believe it or not humans have more bacteria cells than human cells inside of them!!

Cavities and Germs

Cavities form when a “perfect storm” occurs in a child's mouth.  This includes a few things – cavity-causing bacteria, nutrients for the bacteria to grow, and enough time for the bacteria to grow.  If any one of those three ...

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Xylitol – A SWEET Way to Prevent Cavities

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If there was a natural food that tasted sweet, was relatively inexpensive, could be used to sweeten your coffee or tea, or even a pan of brownies, was sugar-free, and helped to rid your mouth of cavity-causing bacteria and reduce plaque levels, would you yell “Hallelujah!”?  Well, there is such a product, and it's called XYLITOL!

Xylitol is a naturally-occurring sugar that was first discovered in the bark of birch trees.  It has been used in the medical profession for post-operative, burn, and shock patients.  It is also recommended by some physicians as a sweetener for diabetic patients.  Studies are currently being conducted on the affect of xylitol on acute otitis ...

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Pregnancy and Oral Health

pregnant woman | palos heights il dentist

Whether you're already expecting a baby or preparing for pregnancy, there are many important points to consider during pregnancy that can affect the health of your child.  While your obstetrician will have many do's and don't's, many times oral health takes a back seat during this time.  Here's a few tips to consider that will help you and your child have healthy teeth!

Will my baby have my teeth?

Well, funny you should ask.  We know that when babies have cavity-causing bacteria in their mouths, 25-100% of the time those bacteria came from mom (depending on which study you read)!  That's right, cavities are caused by a specific strain of bacteria that ...

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