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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Special Needs Dentistry

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If you are looking for a new dental office for your child, you probably have a lot of questions about which office is right for your family. We understand! At Palos Pediatric Dentistry, we know that your little one is number one in your life, so Dr. Richard Facko has made a commitment that they are number one with us, as well.

Here is a list of some of the most commonly asked questions we hear in our pediatric dental office. We know this list does not include all of the questions you might have, so we encourage you to give us a call at our Palos Heights pediatric dental office to discuss your individual needs.

Special Needs Dentistry

Special Needs Dentistry in Palos Heights, IL 

For children who have special challenges – and even for those who don’t – visiting the dentist doesn’t always seem like much fun! Fortunately, a compassionate dental staff and a dentist who is trained in special needs dentistry in Palos Heights can make all the difference.

Keeping Kids Comfortable at the Dentist Office

Sitting in a dentist chair for an extended time can be challenging for kids of all ages. But for little ones with sensory, behavioral, cognitive, emotional, or physical impairments, dental treatments and exams can be especially challenging.

  • A caring, gentle manner that makes kids feel more comfortable goes a long way towards helping them adapt to the dentist office. That’s why special needs dentistry requires a compassionate dentist and dental staff.
  • Nitrous oxide can be helpful if your child has trouble relaxing or sitting still. We also offer sedation or general anesthesia for longer treatments.
  • A familiarization visit at the dentist before any treatments begin often puts kids at ease so they know what to expect.
  • A quiet treatment room may help children with sensory and other challenges.

When you’re looking for the best kids’ dentist office in Palos Heights, you may also be looking for an experienced special needs pediatric dentist. Finding both is one place is what you’ll find at Palos Pediatric Dentistry.

kid's dentist palos heights il Establishing Trust With Your Palos Heights Dentist

If you think your child will have a difficult time cooperating, it is a great time for you to come in! We would rather meet your little one several times for happy check-ups so that your child gets to know our office and builds trust with our team. This way, if your child is ever in need of dental treatment or has an emergency, cooperation will be easier because they will have established a level of trust with us.

The Importance of Regular Dentist Visits

For children who are inherently anxious, regular dental visits are even more important.  If we can see your child regularly for cleanings and check-ups, we can help keep your child's teeth healthy.  Healthy teeth mean fewer appointments, less invasive treatment, fewer missed days of school, no dental pain, and less anxiety about the dentist.

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